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Concentrated Ingredients

Use at 5% to 8% of total volume.

Use caution with this product.

Add it to your eliquid carefully and follow the directions. There is a big difference between drinking a Coke or a can of Red Bull and adding e-caffeine to your e-liquid.  Different delivery mechanisms to the blood stream means different volumes allowed.

Drinking caffeine in a Coke means the digestive tract is in play.  The commonly used dosage here is no more than 500mg per day.  But vaping is a completely different ballgame.  1mg per day vaped is considered a large dosage.  Our 10ml bottle contains 4.26mg of caffeine, so tread lightly and start with small amounts only.

The best approach is to count drops.

1ml juice in tank = add 1 drop in your tank

3ml juice in tank = add 4 drops in your tank

10ml juice in tank = add 13 drops in your tank

To calculate any amount, take your ml of starting liquid x 1.25

If you think you have 5ml of starting liquid, for example, take that amount times 1.25  (5 x 1.25 = 6.25 drops to add).

5 Stars
Sr. Wombat
I drove from Seattle to San Antonio in 3 straight 12 hour shifts, with 3 hour naps in between. This stuff was AWESOME. Kept me alert and ready to go the whole way. It's nearly replaced my morning coffee entirely.
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Reviewed by:  from Seattle, WA. on 6/16/2014
5 Stars
it is what it says it is!
Ah, caffeine; my morning hero. I got this mainly for my husband so he can caffeinate his coffee vape and while I was uncertain if I personally reaped any caffeine effects (maybe I didn't put enough, I'm not sure)... my husband on the other hand swears by it. He even "accidentally" put too much caffeine in his 2nd batch and boy was he buzzing.. perhaps sometime I'll gamble too and "accidentally" do the same, but until then - I'll just take his word for it.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Denver, Colorado . on 2/1/2014
4 Stars
Wait... what?
I bout a 5 ml bottle to sample if eCaffeine could possibly exist, but I don't think I get a caffeine feeling from this. It's like a nicotine buzz without the calming feeling. I used the recomended dosage to add to my eJuice and then chain-vaped to see what kind of "buzz" it gives, it's weird. I definitly don't feel like going to sleep right now. I guess the real time to test it would be when I feel sleepy. Great service, sketchy-looking site and bottle label, but overall great service and quality.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Lewy ID. on 3/23/2015
4 Stars
good product
I never have the enegery to get up to get coffee in the morning so I take a hit or two of this while I'm still in bed and it gets me going... The delivery was 10 days later than they said it would be though....
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Reviewed by:  from Pittsburgh. on 4/5/2015